Actively implementing
corporate social responsibility.

Ynidyi Enterprise Co., Ltd. is dedicated to addressing societal needs and making the greatest contribution to environmental sustainability. We hold ourselves to high standards by actively pursuing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a self-imposed benchmark.

We proactively engage in social impact initiatives aligned with specific SDGs to work towards our ultimate goals.

to Education

Scholarship Assistance Programs and Donations
to Underprivileged Groups

By our scholarship program, we strive to advance equal access to education and foster a peaceful and inclusive society, contributing to the achievement of SDGs 1, 2, 4, and 16.

The founder of Ynidyi Enterprise Co., Ltd., recognizing the importance of education, has been actively supporting education through scholarship programs and donations to underprivileged groups in Taiwan since the year 2011. This initiative aims to assist private vocational high schools in Taiwan and underprivileged communities, ensuring that children have the opportunity to pursue their education and acquire skills. Through these efforts, a total of approximately 517 students and children have received assistance to date.

Collaboration with Technical Universities and Vocational High Schools for Industry-Academia Partnership

Through industry-academia collaboration, we aim to contribute to the achievement of SDG 4 by helping to nurture excellent creative talent in Taiwan.

Ynidyi Enterprise Co., Ltd. collaborates with National Pingtung University of Science and Technology and St. Joseph Technical Senior High School to cultivate seeds for sustainable development through diverse and innovative courses. This approach allows students to gain practical experience, understand the needs of the workplace, enhance their skills and expertise, and develop the capability to engage in addressing global sustainability issues and trends. By bridging theory and practice from multiple perspectives, this initiative brings groundbreaking momentum to our company’s growth and propels us toward new heights.

Cultivating Professional Skills and Collaborating on Curriculum Guidance

Through corporate courses and equipment, we aim to contribute to the achievement of SDG 4 by assisting Taiwan in nurturing professional skilled talent.

In support of the development of education in Taiwan and to encourage young students’ commitment to sustainable development, Ynidyi Enterprise Co., Ltd. has donated biomass energy equipment to National Pingtung University of Science and Technology for educational and research purposes. Additionally, Ynidyi Enterprise Co., Ltd. collaborates with Qijin Elementary School in Kaohsiung, providing guidance in professional knowledge and offering technical equipment. This partnership has resulted in the school achieving first place and receiving the Creative Award at the 63rd National Science Fair for Primary and Secondary Schools. We aspire to inject new vitality into Taiwan’s sustainable development and unlock limitless possibilities through these initiatives.

Environmental Contribution

Eco-Friendly Product - Packaging Cushioning Materials

By optimizing energy utilization, we aim to support SDGs 13, 14, and 15, contributing to climate action, ocean conservation, and the preservation of terrestrial ecosystems.

We cover a wide range of sectors including residential, industrial, and publicly listed companies. By leveraging advanced emerging energy technologies and outstanding integrated control systems, we aim to create customer satisfaction, prioritize quality, and simultaneously make zero-carbon contributions.